ABOUT CARON - Caron Steele

I studied Zoology at Oxford University and then went on to a career in banking and advertising. I moved to Worcestershire in 1992 to run a farm with my husband. We diversified the business and now I run a Conference Centre, Wedding Venue and small Business Park  on the farm estate whilst my husband manages the Farm business and our recently planted Vineyard.

My love for wildlife has been rekindled by my passion for photography, which I took up in 2014. I now spend many hours photographing the wildlife on our farm and travel all over the world trying to capture the beauty of the natural world.

My favourite saying is

"Life is not about the number of breathes you take,

but the number of moments that take your breath away"

Photography has opened my eyes again to the beauty that surrounds me and I have been fortunate to witness and capture many breath taking moments.

I hope you enjoy some of them through my photography.

Nature is both beautiful and harsh and ultimately inspiring. I find it very grounding and think our lives can be immeasurably improved by spending time with nature. It gives us a better understanding of the circle of life and space to breathe. Hopefully my wildlife photography can help bring more of this amazing world to people who cannot experience it first hand, and help bring them a greater respect for nature and a desire to conserve this beautiful world we live in.

Photography is an activity that is potentially available to all, young or old, fat or thin, black, white or ginger! I'd encourage you all to try and if I can help in any way I am happy for you to message me.


If you would like to print any of my photos for your personal use, I am very happy to send you high res jpegs for printing in exchange for a donation to a wildlife conservation cause.

The project  I am backing at the moment is Hookpod, a unique invention that can save albatrosses and other diving seabirds.

“Every day, hundreds of albatross die in longline fisheries. But there is a unique and exciting new solution to halt this. It's called a Hookpod. Hookpods stop birds getting caught as they dive for baits. They are effective, easy to use, safe and economic for fishermen. If every pelagic longline fishing fleet used Hookpods, I believe we can stop the accidental death of these magnificent ocean wanderers.”                                                       

  Sir David Attenborough

All you need to do is email me with your request and send  a copy of your donation to Hookpod that can be made by following this link HOOKPOD and I will send you the high res image you desire.

You can contact me by email -   caronsteele@deerparkhall.co.uk